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2023 Paddleboarding Gifts UK: The Ultimate SUP Gift Guide

Are you searching for the perfect gift for the paddle …


GUL Garda 50N Buoyancy Aid Review

First Impressions, a well made Buoyancy Aid As soon as …

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SUP Progression Tips – When you’ve mastered the basics!

Advanced Paddleboarding Techniques: Building on the Basics Once you’ve mastered …

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The Best Paddle Boarding Shoes and Boots of 2023

I’ve found that choosing the best paddle boarding shoes is crucial for safety, comfort, and can enhance your performance…

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6 Best Buoyancy Aids for SUP UK 2023

Stay safe on the water with the 6 Best Buoyancy Aids for SUP


Essential Guide to SUP Racing: Ready, Set, Go!

Ready to take on the waves? Get the tips and tricks you need to become a SUP Racing pro! Learn about equipment, training, race day prep, and more.


Paddle Boarding Safety Tips

Learn the basics of paddle boarding safety and get tips for beginners to stay safe while exploring the open waters. Get ready to enjoy your time on the board with confidence!

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A Beginner’s Easy Guide on How to Paddle Board

A Beginner’s Easy Guide on How to Paddle Board


5 Reasons Why You Need to SUP For Your Health

Stand up paddle boarding for your health has increased in …

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The Best Stand Up Paddle Boarding Apps 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

From tracking your fitness journey to exploring new territories, stand …

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The Ultimate Guide to Paddles for Paddle Boarding in 2023

Having the perfect SUP paddle can truly make all the …


What’s the Best Paddle Board Leash for You? Comparing Straight, Coiled, and Quick Release Options

One essential piece of equipment that every paddleboarder needs is …

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Calm Waters, Clear Mind: 5 Ways Paddle Boarding Encourages Mindfulness Practice

Paddle boarding is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, …


SUP Fins Explained: Differences Between 3 Fin and 1 Fin Paddle Boards

When it comes to stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), fins are an …


Find Your SUP Tribe: A Guide to Connecting with Other SUP Enthusiasts on Social Media and Beyond

SUP is a great way to get outside, exercise, and …


Paddleboarding Cross Training Benefits

SUP as an effective cross-training activity for athletes. Improve core strength, balance, stability, and endurance while enhancing performance in sports like running, cycling, surfing, skiing, and snowboarding.

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Mastering SUP Surf Wave Riding

Master the art of SUP surfing with tips and techniques for catching waves on a paddleboard. Learn the basics of wave riding, catching waves, riding the wave, and advanced techniques, as well as essential safety tips and surfing etiquette. Improve your paddling skills and enjoy the thrill of SUP surfing with our comprehensive guide. Read now!

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Mastering SUP Downwind Techniques

Master the art of SUP downwind paddleboarding with our comprehensive guide covering the fundamentals of feet positioning, paddle strokes, and body positioning for optimum performance.