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How To Deflate And Pack An Inflatable Paddle Board

Here are a few tips to help you easily deflate and pack your paddle board.

Before you start make sure your SUP is clean and dry.

Ensure the fin and leash have been removed.

Remove the valve cap.


Before opening the valve, be aware that, the initial rush of high pressure air will be noisy and can hurt your ears.

Tip: I normally put a finger in the ear closest to the valve and turn my head away. If you have a nervous pet make sure they don’t run away scared.

You can buy a silent air remover, here’s one from the Red Paddle Co.

I’d recommend using one of these if you are packing up on a busy beach or crowded area.

Open the valve, there are different types of valve, some you push down to deflate and some you have to push down and twist. Leave the valve locked open until most of the air has come out by itself.

To remove the rest of the air you can either start rolling/folding your board from the non-valve end to squeeze the air out or check whether your pump can be reversed to suck the air out.

Roll or fold your board tightly to ensure that it will fit into the board bag.

Don’t forget to check that you’ve picked up all of your kit and packed it into the bag too; leash, fin, pump etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave my Paddle Board Inflated?

Yes, in fact the best way to prevent ware and tear on your inflatable SUP is to leave it inflated. However, you will need to release the pressure first to make sure that the glued seams aren’t strained. It is also important to keep the board out of UV light, so keep it in a garage or shed.

How do I make my pump deflate instead of inflate?

This will depend on your pump. Some require you to remove the hose and attach it to a suction valve, others have a handle to switch between inflate and deflate. Check your pump manual to check.

Should I roll or fold my inflatable SUP?

This depends on how much space you have to store your board. Most people will fold their board the same way every time and will eventually notice areas of wear where the folds crease the rubber. To minimise this you can either fold the board differently each time or roll it. If you have room, it is good to remove the board from it’s bag and leave it loosely rolled or it you have a garage, lightly inflate it to remove all creases.