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SUP Progression Tips – When you’ve mastered the basics!

Advanced Paddleboarding Techniques: Building on the Basics Once you’ve mastered …


8 Stunning Places to Paddleboard on the West Coast of Scotland

Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) has rapidly gained popularity in recent …


Does Paddle Boarding Burn Calories?

Paddle boarding is an awesome way to stay active and …

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Master Your Paddleboarding Technique

Learn how to become a pro paddleboarder with our expert tips and tricks! Improve your stance, stroke, and avoid common mistakes to master your paddleboarding technique.


6 Best Buoyancy Aids for SUP UK 2023

Stay safe on the water with the Best 6 PFDs for Paddle Boarding! Buoyancy Aid for SUP


Essential Guide to SUP Racing: Ready, Set, Go!

Ready to take on the waves? Get the tips and tricks you need to become a SUP Racing pro! Learn about equipment, training, race day prep, and more.


Paddle Boarding Safety Tips

Learn the basics of paddle boarding safety and get tips for beginners to stay safe while exploring the open waters. Get ready to enjoy your time on the board with confidence!

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A Beginner’s Easy Guide on How to Paddle Board

A Beginner’s Easy Guide on How to Paddle Board


5 Reasons Why You Need to SUP For Your Health

Stand up paddle boarding for your health has increased in …


What’s the Best Paddle Board Leash for You? Comparing Straight, Coiled, and Quick Release Options

One essential piece of equipment that every paddleboarder needs is …

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Calm Waters, Clear Mind: 5 Ways Paddle Boarding Encourages Mindfulness Practice

Paddle boarding is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, …


GUL Garda 50N Buoyancy Aid Review

First Impressions, a well made Buoyancy Aid As soon as …


SUP Fins Explained: Differences Between 3 Fin and 1 Fin Paddle Boards

When it comes to stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), fins are an …


Find Your SUP Tribe: A Guide to Connecting with Other SUP Enthusiasts on Social Media and Beyond

SUP is a great way to get outside, exercise, and …


Paddleboarding Cross Training Benefits

SUP as an effective cross-training activity for athletes. Improve core strength, balance, stability, and endurance while enhancing performance in sports like running, cycling, surfing, skiing, and snowboarding.

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Mastering SUP Surf Wave Riding

Master the art of SUP surfing with tips and techniques for catching waves on a paddleboard. Learn the basics of wave riding, catching waves, riding the wave, and advanced techniques, as well as essential safety tips and surfing etiquette. Improve your paddling skills and enjoy the thrill of SUP surfing with our comprehensive guide. Read now!

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Mastering SUP Downwind Techniques

Master the art of SUP downwind paddleboarding with our comprehensive guide covering the fundamentals of feet positioning, paddle strokes, and body positioning for optimum performance.


SUP yoga pose guide

SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) Yoga is a unique combination of …

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Best SUP Yoga Boards: How to Choose the Perfect Paddleboard for Your Yoga PracticeBest SUP Yoga Boards:

If you’re a yoga enthusiast looking to take your practice …

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Enhance Your Competitive Performance with These SUP Racing Strategies

Boost your SUP racing skills and enhance your competitive performance with our comprehensive guide on SUP racing strategies. Learn effective techniques, training tips, and mental preparation methods to conquer your next race. Discover how to enhance your competitive performance with these SUP racing strategies today!

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5 Top Paddleboarding Mistakes to Avoid

Discover our comprehensive guide on “Paddleboarding Mistakes to Avoid” for beginners, offering expert tips to improve your technique, enhance safety, and enjoy your time on the water. Learn how to prevent common pitfalls such as poor paddle handling, incorrect stance, and lack of safety awareness while exploring the benefits of proper board care and understanding weather conditions. Master the art of paddleboarding with our step-by-step guide and make the most of this exciting water sport.

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What To Look For In A Paddleboard

With so many different types of paddleboards and accessories available, …


8 Beautiful Places to Paddleboard in Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire offers a unique and diverse experience for stand up paddle board enthusiasts, making it an ideal SUP destination.


Paddleboard in London – 7 of the Best Locations

Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park: An Idyllic Paddleboarding Spot Nestled …

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Where to Paddle Board in Hampshire

Hampshire’s diverse waterways provide a unique opportunity to explore the …


Where to Paddle Board in Norfolk

Introduction to Paddle Boarding in Norfolk: Discover the Best Locations …


Where to Paddle Board in Cornwall

Top Paddle Boarding Locations in Cornwall: Discovering the Best Spots …


6 Amazing Places to Paddleboard in Northern Ireland

Where to Paddleboard in Northern Ireland – Paddleboarding offers an incredible way to explore Northern Ireland’s natural beauty from a unique perspective, making it an attractive option for both seasoned paddlers and newcomers.


Life Jackets, Foam Buoyancy Aids, and Flotation Air Belts: Understanding the Differences

When it comes to water safety, selecting the right personal …


4 Simple Tips on How to Paddle Straight

Learn the essential tips and tricks for mastering the art of paddle boarding straight. From stacking your hands to countering wind and currents, we’ll show you how to Paddle Board Straight in no time!


What Shoes do you Wear Paddle Boarding

To be honest, I prefer Paddle Boarding in my bare feet! I love being able to feel the board with my toes and find that my balance is much better. However…


Unlock the Secrets of Paddle Boarding River Safety – SUP River Safety Tips

Unlock the Secrets of Paddle Boarding River Safety – SUP River Safety Tips


iRocker Nautical 10’6″ Inflatable Paddle Board Review

Discover the perfect paddle board for your next adventure with this comprehensive iRocker NAUTICAL 10’6″ Inflatable Paddle Board Review. Get all the details on design, performance, accessories and more!


SUP Pumps

What is the Best Pump for Your Inflatable Paddle Board?While …