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The Best Stand Up Paddle Boarding Apps 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

From tracking your fitness journey to exploring new territories, stand up paddle boarding apps are a must-have for anyone taking part in this fun and challenging activity.

As SUP continues to gain momentum, technology has stepped into the waters. Offering various solutions that can make life much easier on the water.

In this comprehensive guide, we look at how these applications can help you get more out of your time paddling around, from providing navigation tools through connecting with other likeminded people right down to weather alerts and safety advice!

So grab that paddleboard plus device combo today and use it well equipped with some of the top rated sup application options available!

Short Summary

  • Check out this list of the best SUP apps to get the most out of your paddleboarding experience.
  • Get real-time wind data and stay fit with fitness tracking apps designed for paddle boarders.
  • Stay safe while on the water with weather, navigation & location based, community & learning, and safety/first aid apps!

Top Stand Up Paddle Boarding Apps

If you’re an experienced paddleboarder or just getting started, there are a range of SUP apps to help make your time on the water even more enjoyable. From GPS tracking and real-time wind data, to fitness monitoring and social sharing, these top notch apps should be at the center of any paddling expedition.

To assist in finding what’s right for you out of this vast selection, we’ve rounded up some great options that provide specialized features tailored specifically for every type ofSUP enthusiast.


Best SUP Apps

The Geo SUP app is available for both iOS and Android platforms, allowing you to connect with the global paddleboarding community. It helps monitor your progress in terms of time spent paddling, highest speed attained, wind velocity as well as average speed among other data points.

It makes it possible to explore others’ adventures along with photos & maps posted on their profiles, so that you can even discover brand new routes! Not only does this help keep track of your own experiences, but also provides an interesting way to analyze them too!


Best SUP Apps

WindAlert is a must-have SUP app for both iOS and Android users, which provides precise wind speed and direction data from more than 50 000 stations. With its GPS feature you can get localised weather predictions so that you will always be aware of the current situation when paddling to stay safe.

The App offers satellite imagery combined with reports given by people onsite making it an invaluable tool for any paddleboarder who wants up-to-date information about everchanging patterns in winds.

Weather Apps for Safe Paddling

Weather apps are an excellent way of staying aware and prepared for a safe paddleboarding experience. With accurate predictions, real-time updates on tides, wind speed and other essential elements available from these applications – here’s some insight into the top picks out there.

From fast forecasts to in-depth analysis, having all this information readily accessible will keep you safe when it comes to tackling Mother Nature during your aquatic excursions!


The Windy app, formerly known as, provides customizable and global weather mapping features which can be downloaded for free on both the iOS and Android platforms.

Boasting a highly accurate forecast including wind speed and direction data – it’s an essential tool to have when taking part in paddle boarding or other outdoor activities requiring insight into current meteorological conditions. The app provides users with all that they need regarding reliable weather reports.

Navigation and Location-Based Apps

Paddle boarding can be an incredibly fulfilling experience, with discovering new locations and hidden gems made easier by having the best navigation and location-based apps on your paddle board.

By using these types of applications specifically designed to enhance their journey, it’s possible to find exciting spots for paddling while navigating the environment seamlessly.

We’ll take a look at some of those recommended apps here that are sure to make any paddle boarding excursion all the more thrilling!

Go Paddling

SUP Apps

Go Paddling is an application available on both iOS and Android that helps paddleboarders uncover fresh SUP spots all over the world. Featuring more than 25,000 destinations for exploration, it’s also possible to share stories with other users through comments or add new sites while updating existing ones.

Ideal for discovering amazing paddlespots as well as connecting with like-minded people in the community, Go Paddling has everything you need to never run out of exciting places to explore! is a mobile application suitable for both iOS and Android which can be used either online or offline to enable users in planning, saving routes, and obtaining surrounding information with its user-friendly interface without having to rely on an internet connection, perfect for paddlers who are exploring uncharted waters!

With the expansive map database available free of charge, has become an indispensable tool when it comes to adventuring while keeping connected anytime & anywhere.

SUP Community and Learning Apps

Interacting with other paddleboarders and expanding one’s knowledge of the sport are key to progressing as a SUP enthusiast. Luckily, there are an array of dedicated community applications out there which enable passionate fans to both share their expertise and share their expertise. To stay up-to-date on all the latest trends within the world of standup paddling.

Let’s explore some top notch apps that will help you link with other like minded individuals while boosting your skills at the same time!

Paddle Monster App

The Paddle Monster App, available on iOS and Android platforms, offers both technique tips from an Olympian as well as a supportive social network for the paddleboard racing community.

This app provides valuable advice to improve skills while enabling users to follow their progress and connect with fellow racers through its subscription-based system. The helpful Paddling Magazine App also provides knowledge about paddling along with inspiration for all members of this sport.

SUP International

The app SUP International was established back in 2008 as a magazine-like source of information on paddleboarding. Available on iOS devices, it offers plenty of interviews, stories and photos related to the trendiest topics about paddling sports.

It provides useful guidance for newcomers with tips on technique, but also presents detailed reports about product tests and fun ideas regarding trips around this sport activity all over the world so users can stay up-to-date with progressions in paddleboard culture.

Safety and First Aid Apps for Paddle Boarders

Safety is a key consideration when it comes to paddleboarding, and making sure you’re prepared for different eventualities should always be the top priority. To ensure your protection while on the water, we’ve selected some helpful safety and first aid apps that can help make your experience as safe as possible.

From being aware of changing weather conditions to knowing how to respond in case of an emergency, having these applications at hand gives extra reassurance during any paddle boarding excursion.

First Aid – Canadian Red Cross

The First Aid – Canadian Red Cross app is a must-have safety tool for any paddleboarder, as it provides video tutorials and offline emergency information. It’s available on both iOS and Android platforms so everyone can access this comprehensive first aid resource regardless of their device type.

Covering a variety of topics related to dealing with emergencies while out paddling, the user will be prepared for whatever may come up during an adventure!

My Tide Times

My Tide Times is an invaluable application for paddleboarders looking to stay safe and informed about tidal movements, currents, winds and sun times. By downloading it on iOS or Android devices, they can plan their paddling journeys confidently in order to avoid any dangerous situations that may arise due to changing weather conditions.

The app provides accurate forecasts as well as sunrise/sunset data so you’ll know exactly when the tide will be at its highest – giving peace of mind even during those long trips out on the water.


When it comes to SUP apps, there are countless resources and tools that can help enhance your paddleboarding experience. From monitoring fitness objectives to finding other paddlers and keeping abreast of the newest trends, whatever you need on your SUP journey is available at an app store near you!

Utilizing these applications not only elevates proficiency but also adds a spark of enthusiasm when out in the waves. Don’t hesitate any further – download them today for maximum thrills during your next expedition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the app for SUP weather?

Windy, an app from Windy Weather World Inc., is the perfect choice for SUP weather tracking and has become a favorite among pilots, storm chasers, and other passionate fans. It offers data about wind speed & direction as well as rain levels, temperatures & humidity in real-time along with webcams that can be viewed to gain additional information.

Is paddle logger free?

You can acquire Paddle Logger from the Apple App Store without having to pay anything. Different subscription plans are offered, allowing access to Functions and capabilities. It is free of charge initially for users wanting basic features or a trial period.

Can you use Strava for paddle boarding?

Strava’s running app can be used to track your paddle boarding sessions, so you’re able to measure how far and fast you’ve gone. Comparing your performance with other nearby SUPers is possible too, the service even allows for competing in particular segments.

Is Stand Up Paddle Boarding good for Weight Loss?

Paddleboarding is a great way to burn calories and lose weight, since you can expend up to 400 calories in one hour depending on the level of intensity. It’s an excellent full-body exercise which increases your muscular endurance as well as helps keep off extra pounds even when not active.

What types of SUP apps are available?

SUP apps can provide a range of features, from GPS and route tracking to connecting with other enthusiasts. These app programs may include health-oriented functions like calorie burning tracker as well as real time weather forecasts tailored for watersport activities. They can also offer the convenience of pinpointing your exact location on the water’s surface, which is especially important when you’re in unfamiliar territory.

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