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Where to Paddle Board in Hampshire

Hampshire’s diverse waterways provide a unique opportunity to explore the region’s rich history, wildlife, and breathtaking scenery. Here are some key advantages of paddleboarding in Hampshire:

  • Varied landscapes: From the calm waters of the New Forest National Park to the exhilarating waves of the English Channel, Hampshire offers a diverse range of environments suitable for all paddleboarding preferences.
  • Wildlife encounters: The region’s waterways are home to an abundance of wildlife, from otters and kingfishers in the New Forest to seals and dolphins along the coast. Paddleboarding offers an eco-friendly and non-intrusive way to observe these creatures in their natural habitat.
  • Cultural exploration: Paddleboarding in Hampshire provides a unique perspective on the county’s historical landmarks and picturesque villages, allowing you to immerse yourself in the local culture and heritage.
  • Social connections: The growing popularity of paddleboarding in Hampshire has given rise to a thriving community of like-minded enthusiasts. Participating in group paddles, events, and festivals can be a great way to make new friends and share your passion for the sport.

Coastal Paddleboarding Spots in Hampshire

Some noteworthy coastal paddleboarding locations include:

  • Hayling Island: This popular seaside destination boasts sandy beaches and calm waters, perfect for beginners and families.
  • Lee-on-the-Solent: Situated along the Solent’s western shore, this vibrant coastal town offers a mix of picturesque scenery and lively watersports action.
  • Calshot Beach: Nestled at the mouth of Southampton Water, this pebble beach offers spectacular views of the Solent and surrounding landmarks. The nearby Calshot Activities Centre provides paddleboard rentals and instruction for all skill levels.

Inland Waterways for Paddleboarding in Hampshire

Hampshire’s inland waterways provide a serene and enchanting alternative to coastal paddleboarding. Some of the top inland paddleboarding spots in Hampshire are:

  • New Forest National Park: With its tranquil waterways and breathtaking scenery, the New Forest is a paddleboarder’s paradise. The park’s numerous lakes and rivers, such as the Beaulieu River and Hatchet Pond, are perfect for leisurely paddles amidst stunning landscapes and abundant wildlife.
  • River Hamble: This picturesque river meanders through the Hampshire countryside and is flanked by charming villages and historical landmarks. Paddleboarding on the River Hamble offers an opportunity to explore the region’s rich maritime history and observe various bird species that call the riverbanks home.
  • Basingstoke Canal: Stretching for 32 miles, the Basingstoke Canal winds through idyllic countryside, passing by scenic woodlands and picturesque towns. Paddleboarders can enjoy the canal’s calm waters and peaceful atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for a relaxing day on the water.

Paddleboarding at Hayling Island

Key Features and Attractions
Some of the key features and attractions of paddleboarding at Hayling Island include:

  • West Beach and Eastoke Beach: These sandy stretches offer calm waters and gentle waves, perfect for beginners looking to build their confidence on a paddleboard.
  • Langstone Harbour: This large tidal estuary provides a more challenging environment for experienced paddleboarders, with stronger currents and choppy waters.
  • Wildlife encounters: Hayling Island is home to a rich array of birdlife and marine creatures, including oystercatchers, terns, and seals, which can often be spotted while paddleboarding along the shoreline.

Paddleboarding Facilities and Rentals
Some of the key paddleboarding facilities and rentals on Hayling Island include:

  • CBK Hayling Island: This popular water sports center provides paddleboard rentals, lessons, and guided tours, catering to all skill levels. In addition, the center organizes social events and races for paddleboarding enthusiasts to connect and challenge themselves.
  • Hayling Island Sailing Club: Located on the western shore of the island, this prestigious club offers paddleboarding facilities for its members, as well as courses and taster sessions for non-members interested in trying the sport.
  • Sparkes Marina: Situated in the picturesque Langstone Harbour, Sparkes Marina provides paddleboard rentals and storage facilities for visitors exploring the island’s diverse waterscapes.

Paddleboarding in the New Forest National Park

Scenic Routes and Points of Interest
The New Forest National Park, with its tranquil waterways and stunning landscapes, offers an idyllic setting for paddleboarding. The park’s rivers and lakes are surrounded by lush woodlands, picturesque villages, and diverse wildlife, providing a serene and captivating experience for paddleboarders. Some of the top scenic routes and points of interest in the New Forest include:

  • Beaulieu River: This enchanting river winds through the heart of the New Forest, taking paddleboarders past historic sites, such as the Beaulieu Abbey and Palace House, and offering ample opportunities for wildlife spotting.
  • Hatchet Pond: As the largest body of water in the New Forest, Hatchet Pond offers a peaceful environment for paddleboarding, surrounded by beautiful heathland and abundant birdlife.
  • Lymington River: This picturesque river flows through the charming market town of Lymington, providing paddleboarders with stunning views of the surrounding countryside and access to the nearby Lymington-Keyhaven Nature Reserve.Keyhaven: This small coastal village is nestled between the Lymington River and the Solent, offering a unique paddleboarding experience where the tranquil waters of the river meet the open sea. The marshes of the Keyhaven Nature Reserve provide an excellent opportunity for wildlife encounters and birdwatching.

Paddleboarding Schools and Rentals
The New Forest National Park is well-equipped to cater to the needs of paddleboarding enthusiasts, with numerous schools and rental facilities available throughout the area. These establishments offer a range of services, from equipment hire to lessons and guided tours. Some of the notable paddleboarding schools and rentals in the New Forest include:

  • New Forest Paddle Sport Company: Based in Milford on Sea, this dedicated paddleboarding school offers equipment rentals, lessons, and guided tours, catering to all skill levels and ages.
  • Forest Adventure: Situated near Beaulieu, this outdoor activity center provides paddleboard rentals and instruction in the beautiful surroundings of the New Forest National Park.
  • Lymington Paddleboard School: Located in the charming town of Lymington, this paddleboarding school offers equipment hire, lessons, and guided tours, showcasing the picturesque Lymington River and the nearby Keyhaven Nature Reserve.

Paddleboarding on the Beaulieu River

Exploring the River’s Rich History
The Beaulieu River, nestled within the New Forest National Park, is steeped in history, making it a fascinating destination for paddleboarding enthusiasts. As you glide along its gentle currents, you can explore the river’s historical landmarks and learn about the area’s rich heritage. Noteworthy historical sites along the Beaulieu River include:

  • Beaulieu Abbey: Founded in the 13th century, the remains of this once-grand Cistercian abbey are a testament to the region’s ecclesiastical past. Paddleboarders can admire the abbey’s ruins from the water and imagine the monastic life that once thrived here.
  • Palace House: Situated on the banks of the Beaulieu River, this impressive country house has been the Montagu family’s ancestral home since the 16th century. Paddleboarders can enjoy views of the mansion’s stunning architecture and beautifully landscaped gardens.
  • Buckler’s Hard: This historic shipbuilding village, dating back to the 18th century, played a crucial role in the construction of naval vessels for Britain. Paddleboarding along the Beaulieu River allows you to take in the picturesque views of the preserved shipbuilding cottages and imagine the bustling activity that once took place here.

Wildlife and Natural Surroundings
The Beaulieu River’s tranquil waters meander through the New Forest’s lush landscapes, providing a haven for an array of wildlife species. Paddleboarding along the river offers a unique opportunity to observe these creatures in their natural habitat, while also taking in the breathtaking scenery. Some of the wildlife and natural surroundings you may encounter along the Beaulieu River include:

  • Avian life: The riverbanks and surrounding woodlands are home to a diverse range of bird species, such as kingfishers, herons, and egrets, which can often be spotted while paddleboarding.
  • Marine species: The Beaulieu River’s brackish waters support a variety of fish, such as sea bass, mullet, and eels, providing a thriving ecosystem for marine life.
  • Flora and fauna: The river’s banks are adorned with picturesque reed beds and salt marshes, creating a vibrant and diverse environment that supports an array of plant and animal life. Paddleboarders can enjoy the sights of wildflowers, ferns, and rare plant species that flourish along the water’s edge.
  • Scenic landscapes: The Beaulieu River winds through the enchanting New Forest, with its ancient woodlands, open heathlands, and picturesque meadows. Paddleboarding along the river offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of these idyllic natural surroundings.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is paddleboarding in Hampshire suitable for beginners? Yes, Hampshire offers a range of locations and conditions that are suitable for beginners, such as sheltered bays and calm inland waterways.
  2. Do I need to have any previous experience to go paddleboarding in Hampshire? No, many paddleboarding facilities in Hampshire offer lessons and equipment rentals for beginners, allowing anyone to try the sport regardless of previous experience.
  3. What should I wear when paddleboarding in Hampshire? It is recommended to wear comfortable, quick-drying clothes that are appropriate for the weather conditions, as well as a buoyancy aid or life jacket for safety. It is also advisable to wear water shoes or sandals that provide good grip on the paddleboard.
  4. Can I bring my own paddleboard to Hampshire? Yes, many paddleboarding locations in Hampshire allow visitors to bring their own equipment. However, it is important to check the specific regulations and safety guidelines of each location before bringing your own paddleboard.
  5. What are the best times of day to go paddleboarding in Hampshire? Early morning and late afternoon are typically the best times of day to paddleboard in Hampshire, as the waters are generally calmer and there are fewer crowds.
  6. Are there any restrictions or regulations for paddleboarding in Hampshire? Yes, there may be specific regulations and safety guidelines for paddleboarding in certain locations, such as speed limits and restrictions on where you can paddle. It is important to research and abide by these regulations to ensure a safe and enjoyable paddleboarding experience.
  7. Can I paddleboard in the winter months in Hampshire? Yes, paddleboarding can be enjoyed year-round in Hampshire. However, it is important to dress appropriately for the colder temperatures and to be aware of the potential hazards of paddling in colder waters.
  8. Are there any guided paddleboarding tours available in Hampshire? Yes, many paddleboarding facilities and schools in Hampshire offer guided tours and excursions, providing a unique and informative way to explore the region’s waterscapes.

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