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The Ultimate Guide to Paddles for Paddle Boarding in 2023

Having the perfect SUP paddle can truly make all the difference in your performance on the water. With lots of options to choose from, how do you find which one suits you best?

In our guide for paddles in 2023 I’ll walk through selecting just the right SUP paddle, some top recommendations available this year plus power techniques & proper maintenance tips to optimise your paddling.

Choosing the Right SUP Paddle for Your Needs

When it comes to getting the most out of paddle boarding, selecting a perfect SUP paddle is key. The right one for you and your SUP style can significantly improve performance on the water whilst reducing fatigue levels at the same time.

There are numerous types available with varying lengths, materials such as aluminium, fibreglass or carbon-fibre blades so there’s something suitable for everyone. From beginners looking for an affordable and durable option up to experienced paddlers in search of lightweight but high-performance models within this huge range, ideal options exist!

Factors to Consider

When selecting the ideal SUP paddle, it is essential to contemplate on material, design and adjustable paddles’ advantages. Common materials are carbon fibre, aluminium and fibre glass. Each of which contributes in terms of weight, longevity and cost.

Adjustable stand up paddle board (SUP) paddles such as these provide an awesome choice for a variety of ages/sizes due to its movability allowing riders rapid length modifications while supplying powerful strokes while they’re out boarding. This flexibility makes them apt choices when picking what would be best suited for yourself or friends who share their gear making them great contenders worthy enough to consider when deciding upon your perfect SUP paddle!

Matching Paddle to SUP Style

For SUP activities, paddles come in various shapes and sizes to suit all types of styles. Glassfibre nylon/PU plastic, aluminum fiberglass and carbon are the material options available with adjustable one-piece fixed two-piece as well as three, piece variable length choices for users. When selecting a paddle that is right for your type of sport, such as family use or racing, consider ease of use durability along with its performance ability. Alloy paddles work great for beginners while more experienced paddlers interested in surfing, touring or competitive events benefit from using carbon ones due to their strength. Making them ideal when it comes to exceptional performance results on water!

Top 5 Paddles for Paddle Boards in 2023

In the world of paddle boarding, there is now a wide selection of paddles to choose from in 2023. These consist mainly of top-grade aluminium alloy, fibreglass and carbon options tailored for varying budgets as well as skill levels. To make sure you have an ideal experience on the water, we’ve narrowed down our favourites based on durability, weight adjustment capabilities and performance features they offer. This makes these paddles perfect for all types of paddle boarders this year!

From increased portability due to their lightweight construction, or greater strength through heavier materials such as carbon – no matter what preference you’re looking for in your journey across the waters – each one can be trusted with providing excellent quality so that it will last through even tough conditions over time.

Best Aluminium Paddle

When it comes to paddle boarding, finding the right aluminium paddle is an essential factor for a successful and enjoyable experience. Lightweight yet durable in nature, these paddles are cost-effective as well compared to other types such as carbon fiber ones. Although we cannot point out any particular top choice of aluminium paddles specifically for 2023, options like Aqua Bound Malta Fiberglass 2 Piece and Nixy Pro series have been highly recommended by many experts. When deciding on which type of aluminium style works best with your individual preferences regarding weight grip size or even design, it’s important that you weigh all these factors before investing in one.

Best Fiberglass Paddle

Paddles constructed from lightweight fibreglass are a great way to get the most out of paddle boarding without sacrificing performance or endurance, and at an affordable price. The Aqua-Bound Malta with its translucent compression moulded design and Kialoa Uhane 91 featuring ergonomic styling plus a wide blade should be on your list for 2023 paddlers searching for value in weightlessness. Allowing you to enjoy time afloat while having full control over power transfer into the water, these two options present an exciting selection that won’t break your budget.

Best Carbon Fibre Paddle

Paddle boarders looking for a strong yet lightweight option in 2023 may be interested to know that Red Paddle Co. and Crazy Abalone both have impressive offerings with their Carbon 100 model and carbon fibre paddle, respectively. The former has been reinforced structurally so as to give added flexibility plus a rubber edge guard while the latter is made of lightweight materials but designed elegantly with its 3-piece adjustable shaft crafted from carbon fibre material, an all around solution providing extra surface area for propulsion alongside boosted durability and performance quality too.

Best Adjustable Paddle

Adjustable paddles have become a go-to choice for paddle boarders of all levels, especially when it comes to using inflatable SUPs. The Isle Carbon Hybrid Adjustable Paddle is one highly recommended pick for 2023. This model boasts strong construction and lightweight design with large blade surface area that makes the most out of your time on water. Abahub’s 3 piece adjustable carbon fibre SUP paddle gets lots of praise due to its 10 degree offset blade which optimises performance across a wide range of conditions. Durability plus power combine in perfect balance between convenience and effectiveness making these adjustable paddles popular amongst standup paddleboard users everywhere!

Best Budget Paddle

For those starting out in the world of paddle boarding or just looking for a durable and affordable option, SUP Supply’s budget aluminium alloy paddles are ideal. These 2023 designed boards provide an excellent balance between strength and speed to suit beginner-intermediate level users perfectly, all without having to spend a fortune! As these models have been built with resilience at their core. You can be assured that this is a wise investment choice for anyone seeking fun on the waves.

Paddle Boarding Techniques: Maximising Power and Efficiency

No matter the SUP paddle you’re using, lightweight carbon or a budget-friendly aluminium option, mastering techniques to maximise your power and efficiency while out on the water will enhance your overall paddle boarding experience. We’ll discuss how effective hand placement during grip and stroke technique can help not only improve performance but also reduce fatigue so that you get more enjoyment from this activity.

To make sure there are positive results with every outing, we recommend tips about where to place hands along with switching sides of paddling as well as rotating it for improved thrust. All these add up when trying to cover longer distances quickly. Thus allowing an optimised way for extra control over one’s manoeuvring skills while engaged in paddle boarding activities!

It’s worth noting that whether recreational or competitively driven goals are being pursued, understanding proper positioning is key when striving towards increased success upon navigating across waterscapes like never before experienced within various aspects of learning curves associated with journeys involving standup boards powered by supple oars held firmly yet comfortably within grasp!

Paddle Grip and Hand Positioning

Having a firm yet gentle grasp on the paddle board is essential for proficient and effective performance. Secure one hand firmly onto the T-grip, with the other set upon the shaft at approximately 90 degrees from your elbow. Grip both sides of the top handle as well as down along the shaft to deliver maximum power when paddling. This also prevents tension in the arms or shoulders, which can lead to tiredness quickly if overlooked. A light hold enables enhanced control while being flexible throughout activity, lessening fatigue and strain simultaneously while experiencing optimum output during time spent paddle boarding.

Stroke Technique

For optimal performance while paddle boarding, it is essential to efficiently utilise stroke techniques. To maximise power and decrease fatigue, the blade needs to be fully submerged in the water when performing a strong forward paddling stroke using your whole body. Good posture and engaging of one’s core are also necessary for endurance as well as efficiency.

Switching Sides and Paddle Rotation

When paddle boarding, it is essential to switch sides and rotate the paddle in order to maintain balance and a straight line. To do this you will need to move your torso towards the opposite side of where you are paddling while keeping your core stable so that both feet remain firmly on the board, remember how important it is for manoeuvrability. Every few strokes should involve switching sides as well as making sure verticality when using its blade. Mastering these techniques provides better control over speed and direction out at sea, regardless of what type of gear you choose. This skill can then provide an improved experience all around within water sports activities!

Caring for Your SUP Paddle

It is essential for any SUP paddle to be looked after properly so that it can maintain its performance and usability when you are out on the water. Here, we will investigate ways of caring for your equipment: cleaning/storage processes, damage inspections and accessories which could help in preserving its condition over time. Following these instructions carefully should allow you to keep using your SUP paddle at a high level while giving optimum enjoyment through years of successful use.

Cleaning and Storage

When using a SUP paddle, be sure to rinse it off with fresh water after each use and clean it occasionally with mild soap. Avoid scrubbing too hard or pressurising the blade. Proper care will protect your gear from sand, saltwater damage and other debris. For storage purposes, keep it in an area that is shaded away from sunlight – utilising covers such as Red Paddle Co’s Paddle Bag & Blade Cover can give extra cushioning when not being used.

Inspecting for Damage

Check your SUP paddle for any issues like cracks, chips or scratches routinely. Identify and tackle possible damage immediately to avoid damage. Degeneration of the paddle and ensure it is always in peak condition. In order to guarantee that you get the most out of your time on a board, take proper care of your SUP gear along with these regular inspections.

If there are signs indicating need for repairs or replacements. Consider taking action right away! Your commitment to caring properly will reward you with optimal performance throughout every paddle boarding experience.

Paddle Accessories

If you are a paddle boarder, then investing in the right accessories for your set up can be beneficial. For added convenience and protection, there are leashes, bags to hold your paddles, as well as gripping options available. Electric pumps, dry bags and wetsuits may also come in handy when out on the water while kayak seats or anchors could help secure everything. If needed. Other useful items include shoes/sandals, spare fins and coolers that all have their part to play too!

Not only will these extras offer great comfort, but they’ll ensure that your equipment remains safe, which ultimately means more enjoyment from its use over time – making it worth every penny of investment!


To sum up, finding the right SUP paddle can greatly improve your experiences when it comes to stand-up paddling. Ranging from aluminium, fibreglass and carbon materials through adjustable or budget options, there is a suitable one for every individual’s preferences. By recognising what factors should be kept in mind while picking out such an equipment along with developing skills related to maximising effectiveness and power of paddle boarding as well as properly caring for the apparatus, you are making sure that time spent on water will be smooth enjoyable and profitable.

If you are an experienced specialist or just entering this world, don’t forget about taking some time off to pick up the perfect tool which fits best all of your needs. With its help, cutting across waves won’t come at too much effort, allowing each precious minute on board feel more rewarding than ever!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do paddle board paddles make a difference?

Having the correct paddle board paddles is essential for making a difference in your performance. The right combination of materials and shape should be tailored to fit your skill level as well as style. Doing so will maximize power, speed, and overall proficiency while using it.

It’s important to dedicate time to finding an appropriate paddle that accommodates how you use your board. Think about what type of water sports activities do you enjoy doing? Considering these facts can greatly improve both pleasure and progress when out on the water!

Is 2 or 3 fins better on a paddle board?

For paddle boarding, the best fin setup will depend on your skill level. A 2+1 or 3 fin combination is ideal for experienced riders to better navigate choppy waters, whereas beginners may find a single-fin board more manageable with less drag and easier manoeuvring.

No matter what kind of experience you have in this sport though, it’s always worth finding which configuration works best for you specifically when paddleboarding.

What should you not do when paddle boarding?

For a safe and enjoyable paddle boarding experience, always store the board in a cool dry place using an appropriate bag for transport. Be aware of water depth when paddling and make sure to bring your fins with you! Keeping these simple rules in mind will prevent damage or misplacement of the board due to sun exposure, incorrect storing/transporting methods as well as forgetfulness. With this knowledge under consideration during each trip out on the waters, fun is assured without compromising safety.

Why are SUP paddles so expensive?

SUP paddles are pricey due to the construction of them using premium materials, assembly by professional technicians and having accompanying extras like a leash or carry bag. Hand-crafted boards similarly tend to be more expensive as they require laborious production processes. Despite this extra expense though, SUP paddles provide dependable performance and longevity so it is worth investing in them for their durability.

What factors should I consider when choosing a SUP paddle?

When deciding which SUP paddle to purchase, think about the size of both you and the blade, as well as its length, material make-up and how it would suit your paddling technique. All these factors need to be taken into account in order for you to find a suitable solution that is just right for what you require from a SUP paddle.

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