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SUP Progression Tips – When you’ve mastered the basics!

Advanced Paddleboarding Techniques: Building on the Basics Once you’ve mastered …


8 Stunning Places to Paddleboard on the West Coast of Scotland

Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) has rapidly gained popularity in recent …


Does Paddle Boarding Burn Calories?

Paddle boarding is an awesome way to stay active and …

Technique, Tips

Master Your Paddleboarding Technique

Learn how to become a pro paddleboarder with our expert tips and tricks! Improve your stance, stroke, and avoid common mistakes to master your paddleboarding technique.


6 Best Buoyancy Aids for SUP UK 2023

Stay safe on the water with the Best 6 PFDs for Paddle Boarding! Buoyancy Aid for SUP


Essential Guide to SUP Racing: Ready, Set, Go!

Ready to take on the waves? Get the tips and tricks you need to become a SUP Racing pro! Learn about equipment, training, race day prep, and more.


Paddle Boarding Safety Tips

Learn the basics of paddle boarding safety and get tips for beginners to stay safe while exploring the open waters. Get ready to enjoy your time on the board with confidence!

Guide, Technique, Tips

A Beginner’s Easy Guide on How to Paddle Board

A Beginner’s Easy Guide on How to Paddle Board


5 Reasons Why You Need to SUP For Your Health

Stand up paddle boarding for your health has increased in …

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